Here is what some of our clients have to say about BenTech:

We had been told repeatedly by other companies that it would be impossible to install surround sound system in our 80+ year old house. Wayne Benton had a great can-do attitude. He used existing equipment and guided us through choosing the best new equipment (speakers, amplifier/server, universal remote, etc.). He brought in other folks — electrician, carpenter, etc. — as needed. The result is better than we had hoped (no exposed wiring, no damage to plaster, etc.).

However, the best part of the story is Wayne’s service after the sale, which largely consists of education (learning how new system works/unlearning how the old system had worked).

The icing on the cake: when we had a lightning strike this summer, he evaluated damage, assessed replacement/repair, etc. 

We had a television installed on our covered patio and connected to the existing Direct TV service. It went GREAT. I contacted Wayne who came out and gave me an estimate of what it would take to complete the task. We then scheduled an appointment for the installation. Even when he ran into a snag — he did not miss a beat. Just kept working until the project was complete. He cleaned up as he went so even though he had to cut brick and sheetrock, there was absolutely no mess when he was done. He even cleaned up some cabling which was done sloppily by a previous vendor.

I received several bids on this job and Wayne was the lowest — his workmanship and professionalism is exceptional. I will DEFINITELY be using him for my next audio visual project!

The service performed by Bentech was a somewhat complicated installation, including mounting a 55′ flat-screen TV, front channel speakers, center channel and sub-woofer in a room with concrete walls… and hiding all the wiring. Also, mounting in-ceiling rear channel speakers which all could be used as part of a whole-house audio system. I purchased some of the audio gear myself and some from Bentech. The prices for the gear from Bentech were very competitive and fair. The work required running wire in the attic, boring through concrete walls and installing shelving to hold all the gear. The entire audio system was rewired including a new amplifier and speaker switching. The wireless internet was reconfigured and I added Apple TV. The entire job was done on-time and under my expected budget.

I would highly recommend Bentech for your Home Theater and Audio work. Wayne Benton can even provide tips on cooking! Overall the job was excellent and beyond my expectations. He even took my all-in-one remote and programmed it for the new system.